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York Street Caterers is in the business of designing, managing and delivering an extensive line of food service solutions while also serving as a food event specialist offering custom catering programs. We operate out of a brand new 20,000 square foot USDA inspected facility located in Englewood, NJ.

Our History

Established in 2005 as a provider of Grab-N-Go sandwiches, York Street Caterers quickly grew and expanded its menu items to include salads and dessert cups all branded under the York Street Market name. Every item is hand-made and made-to-order with next day delivery to all clients between Philadelphia, PA and Boston, MA.

Over the years, we have gained the experience, knowledge and trust from customers allowing us to grow and expand our product line. Today, the company excels at providing fresh, consistent, made-to-order product out of a USDA inspected facility.

Our Ability

As businesses look for ways to cut food and labor costs without sacrificing quality and service, thus relying on outside sources, York Street Caterers becomes a secondary kitchen to its customers; saving labor and food costs while delivering its York Street Market brand of high quality products at affordable prices.

Our business model allows customers to design specific menus according to their needs, and our ability to deliver fresh, made-to-order and made-by-hand product within one day advance notice sets us apart from the competition.  Whether a menu for 10 or 10,000, we maintain the same high standards in product, quality, consistency, production and delivery.

Allowing York Street Caterers to provide you with meal options will:

  • Boost overall customer satisfaction
  • Increase food quality
  • Reduce food costs
  • Decrease inventory expenses
  • Reduce labor expenses
  • Drive revenue and increase your bottom line

Next-Day Delivery

The company provides next day delivery to its customers utilizing a distribution network of its own trucks between Philadelphia and Boston, allowing us to service the Northeastern United States.


As a USDA inspected facility, we are regulated and inspected by the government to ensure that our ready-to-eat products are safe, wholesome and correctly labeled and packaged. 

From the moment product enters the building, is put through production and packaged for delivery, stringent USDA policies are enforced and followed.

Utilizing a USDA inspected facility for your food service needs provides “peace of mind” that you are receiving safe and wholesome product.  Our company prides itself on being a USDA inspected operation.